In 1933 my grandfather Henry Eidenberg founded General Store Fixtures on
West Madison Street in Chicago, IL. In the years following, General Store became
well known for it's unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail. By the 1960's
when my father Frank was handed the reins, General Store was established as one of
the largest and most successful restaurant suppliers including as a resource for
Chicago's burgeoning Asian cuisine market.

In 1978 I joined the family business working alongside my father developing attention
to detail, excellence in customer service and top quality delivery capabilities. After three                                                                                                                      successful generations of family business,
                                                            General Store closed it's doors in 1989.                                                            

                                                            In continuing my family's tradition and
                                                            reputation, I decided to start my own
                                                            restaurant supply business and in 1994
                                                            EME Restaurant Equipment was

                                                            With over 500 satisfied customers later,
                                                            my dedication to top quality, personalized 24/7 customer service and on-budget
                                                            pricing has not changed since those first days my grandfather opened his shop.